Switch It Green, Switch It Forward

Helping to alleviate poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time.

Our goal is to help Wounded Veteran, low-income family homeowners to eliminate their electric bills, and help to reduce climate change at the same time. You can help us to achieve this by simply switching stores for the products that you are already buying every day. Same products, but a huge difference for people and planet.

Why Wounded Veteran families? Simply put, to try to repay them for the opportunities that we all have, living and doing business in a free society because of their sacrifices.


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This is your opportunity to make a difference and walk the green talk.

A percentage of each purchase that you make from our Green Store is added to our Solar Panel Fund, which is used to pay for the purchase and installation of solar electric systems in the homes of low income families who are struggling to meet high electricity costs.

We publish the name of every recipient family with a description of the free solar panel system that they received, as well as the financial effect that it had on their lives.

We also publish a Green Roll Of Honor Page with the names of every person who helped to make it happen by simply switching stores.

Whether you are a small consumer of personal products, or a corporate buyer of supplies, and are prepared to switch stores or suppliers, Switch it Green, Switch it Forward is your opportunity to walk your green talk.

 What does solar panels mean to low income homeowners?

We know that less expensive homes are much more energy inefficient than expensive homes. Energy smart construction techniques, high efficiency appliances and advanced insulating and construction methods and materials are often not even a consideration. Sadly, the end result of this is that people who live in less expensive homes, invariably end up paying proportionately much more for energy than the owners of more expensive homes, with monthly electric bills often running in the many hundreds.

So what will it mean to low income homeowners if they could save a couple of hundred dollars in energy costs every month? Let’s first look at what happens if the money is used to accelerate traditional 30 year mortgage payments.

Accelerated mortgage payoff when $200 monthly savings are paid into a 30 year, 4% loan.

Loan amount

Interest saved

Payments saved



216 months



156 months



122 months


As you can see, the financial results are meaningful. The homeowners don’t have to pay for the full 30 year term,  and as a result save many thousands of dollars in interest payments and end up mortgage debt free years sooner. Now let’s look at what happens when a homeowners invests those savings into a college fund.

$200 monthly savings paid into a 15 year college fund
that performs at different rates of return.

% Rate

Interest earned











As you can see, the results are life changing, not only monetarily speaking but also because of the effect that a $49,218 – $69, 208 college educations has on the future of one or more graduates and their families, who will be lifted out of poverty for ever.


Please join us in making a difference, by Switching it Green, Switching it Forward, One Solar Panel at a Time.

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