Jul 012016

How will our solar panels eliminate electric bills and save money for low income families?

Energy reductionSolar panels are expensive, so saving money with them starts with reducing their need. This means that the first step is to make the home energy efficient, so that it uses less energy. Once the home has been made as energy efficient as possible, then the remaining energy usage can be measured, and the size of the solar electric system that will be needed can be sized.

Here are the steps that we will follow with each home that will receive our solar panels.

First we will inspect the home and do a before-and-after Home Energy Rating to determine the extent of the problem.

Our rating report and inspection will identify all the reasons for the home’s high electric bills. The usual suspects and the way that we will deal with them are:

Insufficient insulation – We will install adequate insulation in the walls, floor and roof.

Air leaking through the home shell – We will seal up all the leaks.

Inefficient hot water heater – We will install a solar hot water heater.

Inefficient air-conditioner – We will install a high efficiency heat pump system

Our energy rating report will also tell us exactly how many solar panels we will finally need, which we will then supply and install, thereby bringing the home’s electric bills down to net zero.

While we are about it, and funds allowing, we will also improve the home’s air quality so that the homeowners will live in a healthier environment, and thereby save on medical costs related to bronchial problems. And finally, we will also include some water efficient appliances to complement electric savings with water and sewer savings.

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